Release Notes

Thank you for using our application and making it better.

We are pleased to announce that the following issues have been resolved during the following releases of the application:

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Introduced Improved Smart Due Dates: Program Date Changes No Longer Impact Due Dates for Finished Tasks
  • Improved Generative AI performance
  • Added a placeholder with instructions when the variables tab is empty
  • Updated Description field for program and campaign cards

New features

  • Introduced Enhanced Prompt Search
  • Implemented Recently Used Prompts support
  • Added an ability to mark prompts as favorite 

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Layout Issues Resolved
  • Empty Insights Hidden for a Cleaner Frontend Experience
  • Fixed scrolling issues in Settings 
  • Resolved Accidental Card Closure Issue for a Seamless User Experience
  • Updated variable experience in the Generative Chat
  • Added a message with length limits to the Generative Chat

New features

  • Added an Annual Plan (application submission). Choosing an Annual Plan would allow you to:

    • Make 3 interest-free payments (invoiced over 3 months)
    • $200 per payment, then $0 for the rest of the year
    • Reports higher credit extended
    • Free month of access (12 months for the price of 11)
    • Full loyalty benefits early (ads, SEO reviews, branded giveaways, and more). Learn more about our Loyalty Benefits Rewards.
    • One Project Management account, up to eight users
    • Enhanced support

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Implemented a popup window displaying an example for the selected prompt

  • Added a dedicated tab for managing variables (showing, updating, and deleting)
  • Updated the desktop icon
  • Enhanced ChatBot to support the usage of additions 
  • Extended ChatBot functionality to allow selection from existing variables and addition of new variables
  • Improved the signin/signup page
  • Resolved issues related to new line formatting
  • Implemented a spinner to be displayed at the center of the parent component
  • Fixed the error message shown when unable to load variables.
  • Revamped colors and icons for prompt categories

New features

  • Introducing Growegy’s new generative AI feature! Now you can create a chat and ask any questions you like.
    Get recommendations on the best content, checklists, how-to, and more. Our AI gives you relevant answers relative to your business industry and customer profile. You can use up to 25 questions or modifications in one chat.

  • We are also excited to introduce the addition of the Prompts Library! You now have access to a wide range of predefined AI prompts that are conveniently organized into multiple marketing categories. Easily choose from this collection, add missing information, and get the result. 


Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Resolved the issue of misaligned navigation buttons in the calendar

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Enhanced user experience when dragging and dropping programs on the tablet’s calendar interface.

  • Removed the presence of mpc URLs for improved user experience.

New features

  • Smart Due Dates are added. Now you can attach due dates to a start or end program date, and when you move the program to other days, the task’s due dates will be adjusted as well.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue where the program start and end dates were incorrect when tasks were outside the 6-month range

  • Resolved a bug where quarter-to-month-to-week-to-date dates were not displayed correctly

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when campaign grouping was enabled in the second tab

  • Resolved an issue where unscheduled programs were still shown in the right panel after being moved on the Calendar

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Redesigned campaign card (program table) for better user experience and improved visual appeal.
  • Fixed an issue with the reloading of all campaigns every 10 seconds, resulting in smoother performance and reduced load times.
  • Updated The Chrome progressive app
  • Resolved an issue where 1Password suggested putting the user name into the program name field, providing a more accurate and intuitive experience.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Redesigned campaign card (program table) to improve the user experience.

  • Implemented a clearer display of long field names in table view and campaign cards.

  • Added the ability to show attachment limitations when uploading files.

  • Redesigned and improved the permissions user interface (UI) to provide better management and control of permissions in our system

  • Updated Insights section

  • Fixed an issue where double or triple clicking on the date range selector would select nearby text.

  • Fixed an issue where the program name may not be visible in the weekly view.

  • Fixed a bug preventing users from uploading a profile picture in the Growegy app.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue in the Calendar events where they were being rearranged when switching to Campaign Grouping or Quarter View.

  • Improved the error message layout in the Sign In / Sign Up screen.

  • Fixed the transparent background issue in CSV attachments.

  • Updated the Attachments feature to show limitations when uploading files is not possible.

  • Introduced a new notification system for improved user experience.

New features:

  • You can now convert any task into a program. Just click three dots next to the task and click Convert to Program for quick and easy conversion.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • We have fixed a bug reported for a campaign to cover all tasks in the calendar view.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue where the calendar would jump during drag and drop.

  • Improved the alignment of the task name input.

  • Fixed an issue where the weekly views would jump even without updates.

  • Fixed an issue where the “And” was cut off when using the filter.

  • Fixed a bug related to campaign grouping.

New features:

  • You can now drag and drop tasks to different programs in the table view.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Improved the explanation of password errors.

  • Fixed an issue where tasks disappeared after they were dragged from guest to admin’s program.

  • Added a password mismatch error prompt on the ‘Set your new password’ screen.

  • Corrected the transparency issue visible on the table view when programs were expanded.

  • Added Salesforce Campaign ID and Vendor to the columns of the table.

  • Addressed an issue occurring when attaching files with certain names.

New features:

  • TIMEZONES.Resolved an issue with conflicting time zones.

  • ATTACHMENTS. Added an ability to open attachments directly in Growegy, and improved the user experience of attachments.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Resolved issues with editing date fields in programs

  • Fixed the issue where the custom field menu disappears when a page is rendered

  • Added an ability to display formula custom fields in the calendar

  • Fixed a bug when the last day of the period wasn’t included in analytics

  • Improved the explanation of why the program/campaign cannot be saved

New features:

  • FORMULAS. We are delighted to inform you that we have updated the interface for entering Formulas. The update has improved the formatting options, making it quicker and simpler for you to format your Formulas.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Made the layout of multiline types in cards clearer
  • Fixed the bug where an unscheduled program would drop if programs were reloaded while being dragged

  • Aligned the status selectors across cards, calendar, and table views

  • Fixed the bug related to multiline tasks.

New features:

  • PERMISSIONS. We have added two additional roles for your convenience: viewer and guest. Viewers can see all campaigns, programs, and tasks, but they cannot edit anything. Guests can only see objects assigned to them. The admin and user roles have not been changed.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug where the program owner update in the table view

  • Updated the formula field layout in campaign and programs cards

  • Fixed a bug where a typed character sometimes disappeared in the program card

  • Updated the campaign and status selectors in the table view

  • Updated the email notifications layout to display both program and tasks names

  • Applied the standard colors for default program types

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Added a show password option
  • Increased the drop area for unscheduled programs
  • Updated the scroll for unscheduled programs area
  • Improved UX for the standard fields in program and campaign cards
  • Fixed a bug with the table view updates 
New Releases

(1) Google Calendar Integration.

We are pleased to announce that Growegy is now integrated with Google Calendar! This integration allows you to connect marketing programs and tasks assigned to you with your Google Calendar. Data synchronization between Growegy and Google Calendar helps you be up-to-date with all activities scheduled! 


Learn how to easily sync your marketing programs and tasks with these easy-to-follow tutorials (video and how-to article). 

We hope this integration makes managing your Growegy account even easier. Get the most out of your marketing efforts and see how your plans translate into performance. 


Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Menu is repositioned for small screens
  • Added time in the displayed fields on the calendar
  • Improved the task creation experience 
Improvements & Bugfixes
  • Fixed a bug where the Analytics date selector was in the wrong location.
  • Fixed a bug where tasks in the Calendar view would disappear while drag & dropping.
  • Fixed an issue with reordering columns that caused them to break in the table view.
  • Updated temporary password expiration date from 7 to 60 days.
New Releases

(1) Analytics Filters

Introducing Analytics Filters! You can apply custom filters to the Analytics Page and use your saved filters as well.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Saved filters now properly apply and update in the filter menu.
  • Fixed the header layout in Safari browser to align properly.
New Releases

(1) Notification Announcements

Introducing Notifications to the platform! Email notifications are enabled by default. They can be toggled off by navigating to Settings → Notifications.

While notifications are enabled, you’ll receive email alerts when:

  • Your program starts the next day.
  • A task assigned to you is due the next day.
  • Tasks within a program owned by you are due the next day.

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Saved filters now properly apply and update in the filter menu.
  • Fixed the header layout in Safari browser to align properly.
New Releases

(1) Billing Portal

Users can now view invoices through Growegy by navigating to Settings Billing → “Check Invoices and Make Payments”

Improvements & Bugfixes

  • Saved filters now properly apply and update in the filter menu.
  • Fixed the header layout in Safari browser to align properly.

Improvements & Bugfixes
  • Fixed an issue with certain characters causing password validation to fail.
  • Fixed a bug where Unscheduled Programs couldn’t be copied.
New Releases

(1) Task Assignee and Due Date

  • The Assignee and Due Date can now be toggled for Tasks in the Calendar View
(2) Display Fields (campaign)

Improvements & Bugfixes
  • Calendar column selectors have been visually updated to indicate static placement.
  • Fixed an issue where “ENTER” in task name field created a second line.
  •  Fixed an issue where columns couldn’t be reordered in the Table View.
  • Fixed an issue where tasks were cut in the Calendar View
New Releases

(1) Tasks Update

Introducing a few new features and improvements for tasks!

  • Tasks are now shown in Quarter View

  • Drag and Drop tasks in Table View

  • Drag and Drop tasks in Program Cards
Improvements & Bugfixes
  • Tasks should display in the correct order in the Calendar View
New Releases

(1) New CSV Format

The CSV format has been updated with a more intuitive spreadsheet format and improved usability. Update includes:

  • Program entries are listed under their respective campaigns.
  • Task entries are listed under their respective programs.
  • Unassigned Programs grouped under a divider in the spreadsheet.

For more details, visit the CSV information page.

(2) Google Sheets Integration

The Enterprise Package now features Google Sheets Integration!

Improvements & Bugfixes
  • The Replace/Append CSV options have been replaced by the “Upload CSV” menu item
  • Filters in the Calendar view now Properly apply to Unscheduled Programs and Campaigns
  • Fixed an issue with calendar filters not properly resetting
  • Fixed a bug where text would be cut inconsistently in the program card
  • Task checkboxes are now properly aligned
  • Updated insight tab’s link from /recommend to /insights
New Releases

(1) Analytics Tab Redesign

The Analytics Tab has been redesigned! The redesign includes:

  • Redesigned Histogram
  • Tooltips for Circle Graphs
  • Time Frame Selection
    • Show analytics for the quarter, month, week, or specified dates.

Improvements & Bugfixes
  • Tasks for unscheduled programs are now displayed.
  • Program events in the calendar view are now shown in the same order as in the table view and program card.
  • Fixed a bug where the text was breaking out of the program card.
  • Fixed a bug where the “save campaign” button was unavailable when changing programs in the campaign card.
  • Fixed a bug where deleted programs were displayed in the campaign card.
Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Integration cards have been updated with a new design!
  • New Insights tab has been updated.
  • Campaign labels are now removed when grouped.
  • Campaigns in table view are n ow listed in alphabetical order.
  • Task names now wrap in the table view if needed.
  • Links are now highlighted in the description and text fields.
Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Summary fields are now shown under the programs list in Campaign cards.
  • Graphs now show added projected leads.
  • Fixed a bug where lastpass duplicated icons.
  • Fixed a bug where the table would cover campaign card footers.
  • Fixed a bug where Campaigns could not have custom fields.
  • Fixed a bug with the analytics tab where selecting the first day caused the trend chart to shift one day back.
  • Fixed a bug where the analytics bar graph wouldn’t update to an inputted timeframe.
Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug with the Analytics page that would cause the timeline to shift beyond the specified scope depending on user’s time zone.
  • Now prompts a more informative error message when adding a user who has already been added prior.
  • Fixed a bug where buttons would freeze on cards.


New Features
(1) Added the ability to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) programs in the campaign card

Program cards associated with a campaign can now be added, viewed, and accessed via the campaign card. Simply click on a campaign and a list of associated programs will be displayed.

(2) Deep links for program cards and campaigns can now be made

Sharing is much easier now that you have the ability to click the link button in the upper right corner of the card

(3) Tasks can now be dragged / dropped!

You should be able to drag and drop tasks in the calendar, adjusting the deadline simply by moving a task on the calendar.

Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Table and Calendar filters are connected now. If you choose or create a filter in the calendar view, it will be automatically applied when you open the table view.
  • Added this day/week/month dot. When you click it, it will show the current day/week/month.
  • Program and campaign heights are now slightly expanded for better visualization
  • Date ranges are now kept in local settings
  • The login page and its field labels now work properly in full screen
  • Removed the custom fields upper-case letters limitation
  • Fixed a display issue when a program’s end date is displayed as the next day
New Features
(1) Local save filters

Filters can now be saved locally in the table and calendar views. Simply navigate to the top right of the table or calendar view and select ‘Filter’. Click on the save option at the bottom left of the window after filling out filter parameters. 

  • Quick filters have been added in the filter menu
(2) Redesigned login page

The login page has been given a new look! You should now be greeted with a new login page when logging into your Growegy account.

Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Colors scheme for program types is slightly adjusted for a better contrast
  • Selected period, date ranges, and chosen grouping is now stored locally
  • Date/Time format for CSV export/import became more user friendly
  • The context menu at the user’s screen is no longer cropped up
  • Salesforce and csv instructions are now added
  • New Salesforce integration flow is added
New Features
(1) The calendar view can now do campaign grouping!

Users can now select the grouping button in order to group all programs on the calendar into their designated campaign

Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Table and Calendar filters are connected now. If you choose or create a filter in the calendar view, it will be automatically applied when you open the table view.
  • Added this day/week/month dot. When you click it, it will show the current day/week/month.
  • Program and campaign heights are now slightly expanded for better visualization
  • Date ranges are now kept in local settings
  • The login page and its field labels now work properly in full screen
  • Removed the custom fields upper-case letters limitation
  • Fixed a display issue when a program’s end date is displayed as the next day
New Features

(1) Calendar view redesign

The team has been working hard to improve the user experience. The calendar view now has more fields it can display as well as some new features.

  • The Calendar view now has a Quarter/Month/Week/Day switch to adjust the calendar.

  • The Calendar view can now display more fields

(2) Table view redesign

The table view has been changed! User should find more program fields in the table view options.

Improvements & Bug fixes
  • The navbar and browser tab icon has been updated
  • The navbar has been updated
New Features
(1) Campaign color assignment

Users can now assign different colors to campaigns!

Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Drag and drop for quarter view is now available
  • Fixed an issue that prevented showing the full list of users in settings and drop-down
  • Fixed an issue with the settings layout
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the removal of actual leads from a program card
  • The “actual leads” line no longer shows leads after today’s date
New Features
(1) Introduction of campaigns

The campaign is a new hierarchy level in your Growegy that allows the user to group one or multiple programs under a parent program. Campaigns are intended for grouping of several related programs.

  • Add a campaign using the yellow plus button
  • Fill in fields for your new campaign!

(2) Introduction of tasks

Each program now can have a list of tasks that will be displayed in the calendar and table view. Tasks can be assigned, including due dates, and marked as completed on the program card.

  • Users will also have the ability to hide tasks in the calendar view if needed using the Display button.
Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Quarter view is added to calendar
  • Programs are now displayed on the top of calendar boundaries
  • The “Plus” behavior is updated. It should no longer block the whole calendar cell.
  • Date is been renamed to Start Date in order to maintain consistency
New Features
(1) Interactable table

The interactable table is now live. Program details can now be edited in the table view without opening program cards.

(2) CSV update

Users can now create new program types when uploading a CSV.

  • programs can now be updated via CSV without attachment loss.
Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Added Salesforce Integration test button.
  • UI experience improvement
    • Add time checkbox is added to the program card (previously called All day).
    • Fixed headers in the table view.
    • The table view now has a horizontal scroll bar
    • The calendar scroll bar is updated. Now the page has both vertical and horizontal scroll bars.
  • Added the ability to create an unscheduled program in the calendar (sidebar)
    • Drag and drop is now available for unscheduled programs in the calendar.
  • is now available. You can use page instead of the old page.
New Features
(1) Unscheduled programs

Users can now create unscheduled programs. This feature can be in used:

  • Program cards
  • Calendar side view
  • Table view
  • Users can also upload unscheduled programs via CSV.
(2) Update existing programs via CSV

Users can now update existing programs using the CSV replace option.

IMPORT VIDEO HERE! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • This expands user’s abilities to edit program fields.
    • For example: It is now possible to add several new fields with values for a multitude of programs at once.
Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Table view and calendar views are extended.
    • Blank space removed, enabling for more programs to fit on one screen.
  • New confirmation window before deleting all the programs while in admin view
New Features
(1) Formulas

A new field type for programs! Users can now add formulas to programs.


(2) Analytics Graphs

The analytics tab now has two simple graphs! These are a work in progress.

Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Weeks now start on Sunday.
  • The table view has been tweaked:
    • The first column with names stays in place while scrolling to the right.
New Features
(1) Customizable table view

Users can now add or remove any column and change the column order.

(2) Improved table view sorting

Now you can see all items for the month or week in the table view!

(3) Program copying

Programs can now be copied.

Improvements & Bug fixes
  • Salesforce integration improved.
  • Users can now capitalize names in program type settings.
  • Renamed Edit button to Save.

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